March 27

Today in integrated science class, students began their chemistry unit! We began with a classification of matter through a reading, and then students were asked to create a flow chart/idea web that organized the information. Students then began the Atomic models lab 14 LAKEVIEW VERSION. In this lab, students will be looking at different examples of molecules, compounds, elements, and mixtures and learning how to classify matter.

Science 8 students today completed their data collection and analysis of the buggy lab, and then they presented their data. Students were asked to analyze their peer’s work to determine whether their results were due to human error or the motion of the car. Students learned that a straight line on a position vs. time graph shows constant speed, and anything else (curved, jagged, ect) would indicate that the object is moving at some kind of acceleration. We also determined that you need to measure a cars trip at several points to determine whether it was moving at constant speed: two data points (start and end) will only give you average speed.  Tomorrow, we’ll be determining what type of motion the cars have using a motion detector.


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