March 27

Today in class, students did a short case study on paternity issues to learn about Punnett squares! These are a tool used to predict outcomes of crosses between different individuals and see what probability different genotypes and phenotypes would be created. Students then worked on their homework, the Punnett Squares with Spongebob worksheet.

Integrated science finished working on their Periodic Table/Atoms quiz, and then did a short review worksheet that summed up the unit. After break, we’ll be starting chemical reactions and balancing equations.

HOMEWORK: Science 8=Punnett Squares with Spongebob
Integrated= None

3 thoughts on “March 27

  1. For the flip book retake you said that the directions were the same, but do you want me to go through mitosis once to get 2 daughter cells or go through it twice in order to get 4 daughter cells?

    • Hey Natalie, you can just go through mitosis once. So starting at interphase, then go trough prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase, ending in 2 cells that have the same chromosomes as one another. There will be more formal directions after break if you want to wait till then too, but I’m sure you could do it over break!

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