August 17

Today was our first day of learning about science! We began by turning in our student interest sheet and Classroom procedures 2015-16 signature pages, and then completed a bell ringer that asked us to evaluate the good and bad qualities of a notebook at our desk. We started to take notes today, conveniently enough, and we learned that motion is a change in position over a time interval compared to a fixed reference point. Tonight for homework, students have 6 questions on relative motion that compare moving objects, and ask how they are moving in relation to one another.

HOMEWORK: Relative Motion and Frame of Reference Worksheet

2 thoughts on “August 17

  1. I am starting my own new teaching blog for my students at
    We consider your site an excellent example of what students should be driving toward in their design, and frankly, even the university could learn from your example. Keep up the good work… the world is watching! @ieatspamburgers

  2. I think that this is a great idea for your students even the one that are away so they know what happening in class .Great job. Sounds like cool homework and school work . Good luck on your students work hopeful the pass class
    Thank you

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