March 2

Today in class, students in integrated science took notes on the different types of plate boundaries (information found on ). Students learned that there are 3 types of boundaries: Convergent, Divergent, and Transform (and there is a dance to go with this). They also learned about the many features and events that occur due to these boundary types, and we viewed some examples from the maps in the previous day’s labs.

Science 8 students graded and turned in the Codominance Worksheet (cattle, chickens) . Afterwards, we discussed the influence of genetics on taste, and we did a small test to see who in the room is a “super taster”. Afterwards, we looked at two different foods to conduct a taste test: Broccoli and Kale. Students were asked to determine which was more bitter, and then we shared some of the health benefits of each food. For the remainder of the period, students worked on the llama breeding program problem.

HOMEWORK: Integrated= exit ticket tomorrow over plate boundaries. STUDY THE WEBSITE!
Science 8= Study for the Quiz tomorrow on genetics (normal and codominance will be covered; check out the article “Is there a gene for liking broccoli?” and “Investigating a stinky smell” in your google classroom).


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