March 9

Today in class, integrated science students reviewed the answers to the Weathering, erosion, and deposition questions. Then we turned on the stream table and modeled some simulations of river weathering, erosion, and deposition. Students learned that on the outside curve of a stream, there is more weathering and erosion that occurs. On the outside curve, more deposition occurs. Students saw that the stream/river will change course to follow the path of least resistance (downhill) and this will cause some homeowners problems if they aren’t careful about where they purchase property.

Science 8 students took their retake of their genetics quizzes and then worked on the Pedigree Worksheet 2. We also said what would be on the test tomorrow. For asexual and sexual reproduction, students will need to know advantages, disadvantages, and characteristics of each type of reproduction. They should study their TAG Mitosis:Meiosis and Mitosis Worksheet and Diagram Identification. Students should know how to ID phases of mitosis from a picture, and they should know the end products of mitosis and meiosis (how many cells, genetics, amount of DNA). Finally, students should know the material from the genetics portion of our unit. This will include punnett squares (Punnett Squares with Spongebob), co-dominance (Codominance Worksheet (cattle, chickens)), and pedigrees (Pedigree worksheets keys).

HOMEWORK: Integrated=none
Science 8= Study for test; Llama breeding program for extra credit.

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