August 25

Today in integrated science, students began with a bell ringer to describe the motion of an object based on its graphical representation. Students discussed how slope on a position vs. time graph is really the speed of an object. We also determined that using forwards and backwards are not effective terms for communication, so we’ll be using positive or negative direction. Students took their makeup and retake quizzes from last week, and then we worked on the Constant Velocity worksheet 1.3. Students were asked to write their answers to the questions on whiteboards for quick checks for understanding. We then outlined what we’ll be doing tomorrow in our Motion Detector Lab.


Students in science 8 began with a  bell ringer  that asked them to determine the motion of an object based on its graph.  Students discussed what the general shapes of our Qualitative graphs could tell them about an object’s motion. We determined that we should state the starting position, motion type (constant, changing, or no motion) and the direction of motion. Students finished their retakes of the quiz from last week, and also reviewed last night’s homework. Students in science 8 will have the Constant Velocity worksheet 1.3 to finish, and some classes started the Motion Detector Lab for tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: Integrated=math models ws, Quiz Thursday over Graphing, mathematical modeling, and written descriptions of graphs
Science 8= Constant Velocity worksheet 1.3, quiz Thursday over graphing, written descriptions of graphs