August 14

Welcome back to school everyone! Today was the second day of school, and we began class with some routines, such as filling out agendas and doing our bell ringer problems. Our bell ringer covered the reading last night  (Scientists study how killing too many male lions could threaten future generations). After our bell ringer, students began organizing their binders with a section for bell ringers and for readings. We’ll continue this organization throughout next week. To finish the period, we took some time to work in groups and determine proper behavior and dress code for lab situations. This is one of our more important routines for the year, so we wanted to make sure all students knew what was expected of them. Students also added to each others’ work on the large whiteboards, and then we finished the period with our student interest sheet.

HOMEWORK: Due Monday: student interest sheet, Classroom procedures 2015-16. Remember our Weekly quiz on Friday covering the week’s materials.