Guidelines for Posts

Hello Everyone! Learning how to participate in blogging is an important skill to have, but even more, it is important to know how to participate RESPONSIBLY and SAFELY. When commenting or posting, make sure you follow these guidlines to keep your privacy safe, and to create the best possible environment for learning and sharing.

 -Never give out personal information, including email, phone number,AIM/Skype/chat name, or full name (use first name, maybe including the last initial).
-Do not give out information about where you are located, or any schedule information about where you or anyone else will be.
-Please use correct grammar. Show how smart you are! This isn’t a place for texting or IM language (including lol, btw, w/o, i, u, ur, and so on).
-Start a conversation! When Commenting, make sure that what you have to say is worth saying; don’t just post for the sake of posting
-Be encouraging! if you disagree with someone’s post, be courteous and polite
-Stay on topic when posting on someone else’s comment
-Re-read your post before you post it
-Everything must be school appropriate. I can (and will) delete any postings that are not school appropriate, and there will be consequences at school.

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