February 24

Today in class, students in integrated science took notes on earth’s interior and the evidence we have for earth’s interior. Students learned that seismic wave data and other indirect evidence are used to infer properties of the mantle, outer core, and inner core. We then took a short quiz covering the reading from last night titled “Tracking warfare with ‘earth shakes'”. Students then were given a brief intro to the lab they will begin on Monday.

Science 8 students reviewed how taste can be an evolutionary adaptation, specifically with sweet or bitter foods. We read a short section of the article titled “Is there a gene for liking broccoli?” and then we did a series of detection tests to determine whether students had the genetics to taste certain substances. We then analyzed our data and reviewed the fact that the most common phenotype is not necessarily the dominant one (as discussed in the entry/exit ticket from yesterday). For the remainder of class, students were able to work on the Spongebob Genetics worksheet.

HOMEWORK: Integrated= none
Science 8= Spongebob genetics worksheet due Monday. You may want to revisit the Genotype phenotype worksheet and/or watch the Punnett Square Video for help.

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