February 1

Today in integrated science, students reviewed a short practice problem about a bungee jumper for energy pie charts and then took a 2-question quiz over the concept. Afterwards, students began working on Energy Bar Charts and learning how they are done. We’ll use this information Friday to learn about system flow and energy transfers.

Students in science 8 reviewed the asexual reproduction/replication information from yesterday and wrote some big ideas that they should understand from those concepts. Then students took a look at the sexual reproduction DNA strands they picked up on the way in. Students created random DNA sequences and then copied them through replication (step 1) so that their offspring have DNA and so do the parents.  The DNA is then split (step 2, Meiosis) so that the offspring don’t end up with too much DNA after reproduction. During step 3, they found a partner, and in step 4 (sex) they were able to exchange half of their DNA with their partner. In step 5, they created a genetically unique individual.

HOMEWORK: Integrated = Energy Bar Charts  due Friday in class;  Thursday is a work day for the project; Project due in 2 weeks.
Science 8= Rough Draft of Argumentative Essay on De-extinction due Monday. Thursday is quiz retake over Evolution and Natural Selection Quiz (bring headphones)

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