January 31

Today in class, students in integrated science worked on a practice problem when they came in. Then we whiteboarded and analyzed problems # 5 and #8 from the Qualitative Energy Pie Charts 1b worksheet. Tomorrow, students will have a quiz over energy pie charts that consists of 2 problems.

Science 8 students today began learning about DNA and replication. We watched a video on DNA  to learn about the complexity and intricacies of how DNA works and what replication does. DNA has many base pairs, and A always matches up with T, C always matches up with G. During replication, one DNA molecule unzips and its 2 halves are used to make 2 identical DNA strands. If it weren’t for replication, your DNA would divide between offspring until there was none left! To finish out the period, we practiced making the base pairs for DNA and creating 2 new strands of DNA from 1 strand through replication.

HOMEWORK: Integrated = Quiz tomorrow over energy pie charts; Thursday is a work day for the project; Project due in about 2 weeks.
Science 8= Rough Draft of Argumentative Essay on De-extinction due Monday. Thursday is quiz retake over Evolution and Natural Selection Quiz (bring headphones)

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