January 30

Today in integrated science, students reviewed problem 4 from the Qualitative Energy Pie Charts 1b. The lessons from this problem were that elastic PE could be stored only in a compressed or stretched spring, the energy of a system depends on the objects in the system, and the proportionality of energy is important when drawing your pies. Afterwards, students worked on their projects for about 10-15 minutes.

Science 8 students set up their new notebook units on Reproduction and DNA, and then their outlines were checked. They also reviewed their quizzes over natural selection and evolution. A retake of the quiz will occur on Thursday!

HOMEWORK: Integrated = Thursday is a work day for the project; Project due in about 2 weeks.
Science 8= Rough Draft of Argumentative Essay on De-extinction due Monday. Thursday is quiz retake over Evolution and Natural Selection Quiz

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